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Lamb Kosha, Mallika Basu (in Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation)

I love a good curry. When Mridula Baljekar opened her Spice Route restaurant in Windsor whilst I lived there, I realised that there was so much more to curry than the standard options available at every curry house, and it has been great to see so much more choice and authentic (for all I know, having never been to India) options appearing on Indian menus over the last decade.

Curry Nation was a gift from a pupil at York House, and I’ve not cooked a duff recipe from it yet, so I was presuming I would be on safe ground with this one. It’s a simple recipe, with no ‘out there’ ingredients that mean you have to buy a whole jar of something that you then never use again. A marinade flavours the lamb for a few hours, then some caramelised onions, ginger and garlic are given a few tomatoes and a bit of chilli powder, then in goes the marinaded lamb and some water and the whole thing is left simmering to develop for a couple of hours. A quick sprinkle of garam masala, and Bob’s your uncle.

True to form, this didn’t disappoint. The lamb was lovely and tender, and the reduced onion base really zings with tried and tested spice combinations. I gather that Basu is a food writer, who enjoys creating, amongst others, recipes that are simple and easy to create around a busy lifestyle. I’d say she’s hit that nail bang on the head there.

Definitely one to be repeated!

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