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Recipe #15

Crème Caramel, Raymond Blanc

Another one from the A la maison course. It was interesting hearing our tutor, Michael, talking about the day RB (as he is apparently known!) tasted the Crème Caramel and complained it was too sweet, only to be told it was his own recipe. In fact, you can find this recipe online here ( and in this version it has the old amount of sugar in the custard (100g). Apparently they had a marvellous day in the kitchen with RB, creating identical custards except for the amount of sugar, until they finally settled on the recipe they now use (30g). Fascinating how tastes can change over the years.

Anyway, I stuck to the recipe we had used at the cookery school, and these turned out just fine. My ramekins are a bit small so I had to make 6 instead of 4, but that meant that Sarah and I had dessert two days on the trot, so that is not a complaint.

We had an excellent tuition session on making caramel with Michael, but it was interesting to note how differently sugar behaves in a different pan on a different type of hob. I had to make two batches, as I didn’t pour the first lot quickly enough and therefore hadn’t got it into enough of the ramekins before it set. The first batch was a touch bitter, which given the lower sugar content of the custards, meant that the whole dessert was not quite up to scratch, but we learn from our mistakes and the second three had a much smoother caramel sauce.

Definitely a good dessert for impressing guests, and easy to make a day in advance!

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