The Photos

Photo #2-5

A few pictures from our 4 day trip to Nice over half-term. All photos taken with my Canon 400D, Tamron 17-50 f2.8 lens.

#2 – Sarah and Thomas. Thomas has recently discovered puffing, and is very pleased with himself. Sarah looking stunning, and happy, as ever!

#3 – Self-portrait. OK, so that is a slightly pretentious title to give this photo, but it might make you look more closely… I love the different layers you can see as you look at this photo of Thomas and his French semi-adopted great-grandmother Aline, taken through the window of the excellent Vietnamese restaurant we went to.

#4 – Nice Old Town. Sadly it was grey most of the time we were there, so getting the colours to pop was a challenge, but I love the contrasts in this street just below the old castle walls.

#5 – Antibes Port. It was sunny for our last day, but the snow on the mountains in the background remind you of the season.

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