One month in

Well there we are. One month in and I’m 6 books in, 5 recipes, 2 pieces of music, 2 runs and 1 photo.

What do I think so far? The reading is great fun. I’ve put the iPad down much more, and I have been enthralled by the variety already, only really struggling with Reuben’s choice (Sorry Reuben, I really will give it another go next year!).

The food is also a lot of fun. I suspect I would probably normally manage around 20 new recipes a year, so just the additional focus of getting on with it is good. You will find these are concentrated around the weekends and school holidays, given Sarah and I both eat at school during the week!

I really must get on with more pieces of music. My main issue has been starting to narrow down choices to a list of 40, but I’m getting there.

Running has now been on hold for two weeks since I was kicked in the midriff during a game of rugby. 14 days later and I’m still doubled over in pain when I sneeze, let alone running, but hopefully I’ll get back on the horse soon.

Photos! I really must start taking some photos of this year. Hopefully that will be easier once I have an occasion to get the camera out. We’re off to Nice in a couple of days, so that should prompt something.

Thanks for reading thus far…

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