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Crispy and sticky chicken thighs with squashed new potatoes and tomatoes, Jamie Oliver (Jamie at home)

Sarah accused me of being harsh about Jamie Oliver in my previous post, and I suppose it does seem a little critical. Who am I to argue with his desire to grow veg at home or pursue a more self-sufficient lifestyle? The real point of this blog is, do the recipes I choose on the way past work? So with an apology to any Jamie fans out there, on with the next one!

Another one-pot wonder – fried chicken thighs combined with slightly squashed cooked new potatoes and skinned cherry tomatoes, along with a herby olive oil dressing and then browned in the oven. All jolly simple, and extremely tasty. This one won the approval of all four children, apart from the eldest who wasn’t a fan of the tomatoes.

A couple of hints if you’re making this one:

The recipe is probably overgenerous on chicken thighs (12 for 4 people) and undergenerous on potatoes (800g). We fed 2 adults and 4 children and had chicken left over, although were scrabbling around for the last potato.

If you use a variety of cherry tomatoes, skin each variety separately. I didn’t, and some of them were a little close to mushy whilst some needed a second dunking in boiling water.

I accidentally used tarragon instead of oregano. It worked.

If making in the quantities specified by J.O., you’ll need a LARGE baking tray. I used the grill pan that is the whole width and depth of my oven.

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