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Recipe #3

Pork, celeriac, garlic, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: Three good things

Another one this weekend from the same cookbook. Lengthy, but minimal fuss, and definitely worth the effort. A pork joint, browned in a hot oven to crisp the crackling, then pot-roasted long, slow and low for three hours or so on a bed of layered celeriac and a vampire-scaring number of whole garlic gloves.

The pork falls apart with the gentlest of persuasion from ones cutlery, complementing the reserved crackling brilliantly. The celeriac holds its shape but then melts in the mouth, and the garlic cloves are simply divine, oozingly sweet. Along with the pan juices (some stock is included before the slow roast), very little else is required – we paired it with some green beans, which was plenty.

Definitely a good way to do your pork, and particularly if you have little ones who complain that it’s “too chewy” normally!

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